I was raised in a family where from a young age, we were told that when we sin, we would suffer retribution. Our family was not at peace and my parents would quarrel almost every week. The fights would often escalate and involve threats of violence from both parties. As a child, I was traumatised.

When I grew older, I married my husband who had a terrible temper. I felt alone in my marriage as my husband was often not present and at times, he would only return home in the wee hours of the morning. At times, I even felt depressed and suicidal.

One day, I met up with my best friend who had just started bringing her children to church, and I felt prompted to accompany her to church with my children. That Sunday, before heading out, my husband and I had a huge quarrel about going to church. As I drove off, I received a text message from him and to my surprise, my husband wanted to attend church with me!

In 2013, we began attending New Creation Church regularly. At the beginning, my husband and I would still get into fights. However, in one of my quiet times with the Lord, I was prompted to pray for my husband.

The Lord showed me that He is the third party in our relationship. When we focus on the Lord and grow in our relationship with Him, our relationship with our spouses would also become closer.

I also listened to Pastor Prince’s teachings and applied them to my life. Then, miracles started to happen in our marriage. I realised that my husband’s hardened heart became softer over time. I began to believe that what happened to my parents would not happen to me, because the Lord loves me.

Today, my husband and I are happily married and constantly working with each other to raise our children. Praise the Lord for His wisdom. Thank you, Pastor Prince, and New Creation Church!

Anonymous  |  Singapore

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