I am an 18-year-old student in Singapore. Before I accepted Jesus as my Saviour, I was an extremely short-tempered person.

Though I have always wanted to be a filial son, I would raise my voice at my parents if I disagreed with them. No matter how hard I tried to be patient with my parents, I just could not control my emotions.

One day, I got into a heated argument with my father and I insulted him so badly that he cried. As usual, I went back to my room feeling extremely condemned.

So, I went online to search for videos on the topic of distress. Then, Pastor Prince’s sermon came up in my feed. At that time, I was not a believer and I wasn’t really interested in the video. But something in me made me click on that video.

Initially, I couldn’t comprehend what Pastor Prince was saying and was losing interest. However, I continued watching and suddenly, Pastor Prince started talking about the gift of no condemnation. That caught my attention.

I watched till the end of the video and when Pastor Prince prayed for the people, I started to cry uncontrollably. That day, I said the salvation prayer.

I also started listening to Pastor Prince’s sermons almost every day to learn more about God’s love for me.

Miraculously, I have stopped losing my temper easily, and have become more patient and understanding towards my parents.

Now, I feel blessed to have a loving family and parents who are so accommodating.

All glory and praise to God!

Anonymous  |  Singapore

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